Crushing Student Protest Just Like Crushing BLM

Note the sequence. Just like crushing BLM.

Strategic, coordinated “antisemitism” attacks on opponents of Israel’s Gaza massacre. Daily Caller, Daily Wire, Fox, etc all the usual suspects. The usual “mainstream” media amplification followed by Dem cowering and even piling on.

Strategic, coordinated right-wing nonsense “antisemitism” attack on university presidents. The usual media amplification and Dem cowering and even piling on. Some forced resignations. University leadership lesson learned.

Now a strategic coordinated right-wing attack on student protests. University leadership responding by calling in fascist enforcement squads (“police”).

It’s just so obvious and it’s what those of us here have been talking about for two or three DECADES now. We watched the SAME THING play out over “BLM.” It worked, it has become part of the standard playbook now.

The Coming US Election Will Not Be On A Battlefield We Understand

I have no idea what will happen in the 2024 US elections. I fear the coming election will not be fought and decided on a battleground we understand or control anymore. On January 6, 2020, the US came closer to a takeover than people understand. If Pence had done Trump’s bidding the election would have been decided by the House. But at the last second Pence went the other way.

In 2024 the world’s oligarchs (and OILigarchs) are backing the worldwide anti-democracy movement. Since 2020 they have strategically bought up and control much of the world’s information ecosystem. They can make a lot of people believe anything. (It works for China, Russia, Fox, etc.) It’s why Trump is doing so well in the polls right now.

The 2024 voters will be propagandized, hampered, suppressed, obstructed, distracted, misdirected and subjected to everything that billions of dollars can deliver. The lies and smears will be disgusting. The vote-counting will be contested at every turn. The certification will be fought to the death. 2020 was nothing now that they’ve had time to analyze where they went wrong in 2020 and how they can improve on the effort.

And In The End

And the final 2024 decision? The 2000 Brooks Brothers Riot was the model for the Jan 6, 2020 MAGA riot, which could be a model for a much larger-scale 2024 effort to take control if all else fails them. I have no doubt they’ll try it. I do not have any idea how it will turn out.

What Happened To Us?

Beginning in the 1970s a well-funded PR campaign convinced people to accept policies handing society’s seed corn and governance to the wealthy. It was called “neoliberalism.” People were told government is bad. They were told business & the wealthy were better at managing society. This campaign has been ongoing since.

Reagan & Thatcher were swept into power. The implemented “shock doctrine” tactics to transform their economies away from benefitting the public toward benefitting the wealthiest. Public assets were privatized – turned over to the wealthy. Investment in infrastructure, education, research & social betterment (society’s seed corn) was cut, and continued to be cut. Government protections of the public and the environment (“regulations”) were removed.

Taxes on the wealthy and their corporations were also dramatically cut, eventually resulting in massive inequality and division.

The political influence of massive wealth dramatically increased. Now governments are only able to operate if wealthy interests allow it.

And here we are.

Ignore ALL The Words

Ignore all the words. That’s just stuff said to hide what’s happening.

Just look at what is being done. That is the only truth now.

More than 2 million Palestinians are being bombed without mercy. They are being starved and treated as less than human. Their homes, hospitals, schools, etc are being destroyed to keep them from being able to return. It’s happening right there in front of us.

The billionaires around the world are growing ever more wealthy, and are using that wealth to create an unbreakable system to keep things that way. Societal systems (democracy, information, rule of law etc) that enabled people to take care of each other are being destroyed. The rest of us are left to fend for ourselves.

The climate crisis is right in front of our noses, but the polluters control the levels of societal power. They will do what they can to keep themselves on top. They don’t care what happens to the rest of us or to the future.

Ignore all the words. All of them. We live in a propaganda bath designed to keep us from acting on what we see happening to us.

Civilians Die – The 90s Right Wing Game Just Goes On

In the UK, Starmer, head of Labour, gave a statement supporting cutting off food, water & power to Gaza. Some elected members quit the party, esp Muslims, many others are threatening to.

In the US I read there is similar sentiment inside the Biden administration. They worked for diversity but the inner circle is reactively “pro-Israel” even though that country is run by Trump types right now. (And those very Trumpers have been working for years to defeat Dems.) The voices working for peace and moderation – and protecting civilians – are silenced. The Biden administration makes noises about Palestinian civilians, etc but when it comes down to it they revert to form. Form formed in the 90s based on the way Reagan swept politics. But never understanding HOW Reagan did it.

So this is still the 90’s politics reactionaries all over again, again. And people suffer again, again. It’s why they supported the Iraq war, austerity, “pro-business” and all the other positions we are all so familiar with… It’s why they reflexively always vote to increase the military budget, corporate tax breaks, privatizations, Social Security cuts etc even when so much just goes to grifting Republican/Tory donors who pour money back into the propaganda machine. This “conventional wisdom” formed in the 90s, that the public is conservative, etc. just all sits there, having formed “truths.”

And to the extent the public is “conservative”, it is because of corporate right-wing propaganda that has never been countered.

Have You Heard That Companies Pass Along Taxes To Customers?

Here’s a common trick used against the public. Have you heard that “Companies pass taxes along to customers”? This is nonsense as soon as you think about it.

1. Taxes are on profits. Profits are calculated the following fiscal year after expenses are subtracted from revenue. A company can’t know what its taxes will be ahead of time, so it can’t increase prices.

2. IF a company DID increase prices to “pass along” taxes, that would mean the company would bring in more revenue with the same expenses. That would mean more profit. That would mean more taxes. That would mean they would have to increase prices to “pass along” the taxes. That would mean the company would bring in more revenue with the same expenses. That would mean more profit. That would mean more taxes. That would mean they would have to increase prices to “pass along” the taxes. (Continue this until prices and taxes are infinity.)

3. Companies ALREADY charge the maximum they can charge before hurting their business. Unless they’re managed by idiots who actually believe they can raise prices any time they want to but haven’t yet.

4. Companies with competitors can’t raise prices without their customers moving to their competitors. Companies without competitors are illegal – it’s called “antitrust” and governments in the past would stop this, before governments became subsidiaries to giant companies that don’t have competitors.

5. Governments became subsidiaries to giant companies that don’t have competitors because voters believed nonsense like companies “pass along” taxes to the customers.

They Can’t Get Pilots Or Doctors

Being an airline pilot used to be a good job with good pay and good benefits. Pilots were respected. Young people would sign up for the Air Force to get pilot training hoping they would have great career opportunities later.

Then the airlines broke the unions. Some of them used bankruptcy laws. Some of them just broke the unions. HAHA Showed them who is the boss. Investors raked in the bucks that pilots used to be paid. So now being an airline pilot is a shit job with low pay and long abusive hours. Don’t even ask about the benefits.

And guess what? There is a shortage of pilots. the Air Force is has a pilot shortage and recruitment problems because young people know better than signing up for a shitty career.

And the investors who raked in the $$? THEY DON’T CARE. They’re gone, living it up on the money they “earned” in a system that encourages people to do what they did.

Now Let’s Do Doctors

Being an airline pilot a doctor used to be a good job with good pay and good benefits. Pilots Doctors were respected. Young people would strive to get into medical school.

Then medical corporations took over…


People used to be able to rent or buy a place to live. Then, during the Great Recession, “private equity” companies bought up as much housing as they could. Now they rent those homes out at ridiculous rates…

You get the picture.

Looting Is Our “System”

This is the result of very short-sighted thinking. There is no planning for the longer term or the public good here. This is about a few people making the most money they can as fast as they can and never mind the consequences.

Is this how a sensible democracy would operate. Of course not. The people doing the looting and raking in the $$ are able to do this because the public has been persuaded that this is the best way to do things. You wouldn’t want “big government” or “union bosses” doing “planning” deciding how to do things, would you?

So our society collapses before our eyes.

Capitalism Parts 1 and 2

Capitalism: Maintain a “reserve army of the unemployed” to keep wages low. Keep public services (the things government does to make people’s lives better) and taxes at the top down and keep the people from organizing (democracy) to protect themselves.

Capitalism part 2: As life gets worse, bathe the masses in propaganda and point them at “the other” for blame.

Austerity breeds fascism.