Civilians Die – The 90s Right Wing Game Just Goes On

In the UK, Starmer, head of Labour, gave a statement supporting cutting off food, water & power to Gaza. Some elected members quit the party, esp Muslims, many others are threatening to.

In the US I read there is similar sentiment inside the Biden administration. They worked for diversity but the inner circle is reactively “pro-Israel” even though that country is run by Trump types right now. (And those very Trumpers have been working for years to defeat Dems.) The voices working for peace and moderation – and protecting civilians – are silenced. The Biden administration makes noises about Palestinian civilians, etc but when it comes down to it they revert to form. Form formed in the 90s based on the way Reagan swept politics. But never understanding HOW Reagan did it.

So this is still the 90’s politics reactionaries all over again, again. And people suffer again, again. It’s why they supported the Iraq war, austerity, “pro-business” and all the other positions we are all so familiar with… It’s why they reflexively always vote to increase the military budget, corporate tax breaks, privatizations, Social Security cuts etc even when so much just goes to grifting Republican/Tory donors who pour money back into the propaganda machine. This “conventional wisdom” formed in the 90s, that the public is conservative, etc. just all sits there, having formed “truths.”

And to the extent the public is “conservative”, it is because of corporate right-wing propaganda that has never been countered.

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