Crushing Student Protest Just Like Crushing BLM

Note the sequence. Just like crushing BLM.

Strategic, coordinated “antisemitism” attacks on opponents of Israel’s Gaza massacre. Daily Caller, Daily Wire, Fox, etc all the usual suspects. The usual “mainstream” media amplification followed by Dem cowering and even piling on.

Strategic, coordinated right-wing nonsense “antisemitism” attack on university presidents. The usual media amplification and Dem cowering and even piling on. Some forced resignations. University leadership lesson learned.

Now a strategic coordinated right-wing attack on student protests. University leadership responding by calling in fascist enforcement squads (“police”).

It’s just so obvious and it’s what those of us here have been talking about for two or three DECADES now. We watched the SAME THING play out over “BLM.” It worked, it has become part of the standard playbook now.

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