The Coming US Election Will Not Be On A Battlefield We Understand

I have no idea what will happen in the 2024 US elections. I fear the coming election will not be fought and decided on a battleground we understand or control anymore. On January 6, 2020, the US came closer to a takeover than people understand. If Pence had done Trump’s bidding the election would have been decided by the House. But at the last second Pence went the other way.

In 2024 the world’s oligarchs (and OILigarchs) are backing the worldwide anti-democracy movement. Since 2020 they have strategically bought up and control much of the world’s information ecosystem. They can make a lot of people believe anything. (It works for China, Russia, Fox, etc.) It’s why Trump is doing so well in the polls right now.

The 2024 voters will be propagandized, hampered, suppressed, obstructed, distracted, misdirected and subjected to everything that billions of dollars can deliver. The lies and smears will be disgusting. The vote-counting will be contested at every turn. The certification will be fought to the death. 2020 was nothing now that they’ve had time to analyze where they went wrong in 2020 and how they can improve on the effort.

And In The End

And the final 2024 decision? The 2000 Brooks Brothers Riot was the model for the Jan 6, 2020 MAGA riot, which could be a model for a much larger-scale 2024 effort to take control if all else fails them. I have no doubt they’ll try it. I do not have any idea how it will turn out.

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